How Does The Laws Of Agency Work In Real Estate?

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  Buyers, General Real Estate News, Sellers

New York State law requires all licensed Real Estate Agents & Brokers to advise in writing to all potential buyers, sellers, tenants, & landlords of residential properties, who they will be representing in any subsequent transaction. This requirement is to be done at the first substantive meeting of the parties. Despite all the written material on this subject I find...

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A Magical Moment At Chatham’s Train

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  Historic Wonders

In 1841 Chatham became a major pivot point for Railroad traffic throughout the Region. With the completion of the present station in 1887 — appropriately dubbed the ‘Union Station’– Its importance would grow for a century and more. Along the way, It also revealed the beauty and fertility of our Land, a glowing reputation the Hudson Valley enjoys to this...

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The Astounding Importance Of Good Credit

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  Buyers

There was a time – not all that long ago – when a personal relationship and a handshake would pretty much guarantee gaining ‘credit’. From about 1960 on, though, the need to gather, appraise and quantify information about personal credit use (and misuse) grew like topsy — and the one tool making this analysis possible…was the Computer. Today, one’s ‘price...

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Elephants On Main Street!

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  Historic Wonders

Chatham had been identified as a “Central Regional Location” by the Railroads in the 1830s, but it was1869 – its year of incorporation as Chatham Village – that a dumbstruck crowd actually beheld a mob of elephants right here on Main Street. A Circus Train had arrived, and stopped…confronted by the intricate wooden trestle* then leading into the Village. Taking...

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Hudson: Now More Happening than you think

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  General Real Estate News

Perhaps it all started when the Club Helsinki opened its doors, giving once-sleepy Hudson the beginnings of a vital new dimension. For many years this small city was notable mostly as a major Antiques center. In recent years increasingly fine – even City class – restaurants began popping up, as have a handful of art galleries.  And now comes…the ‘Sound...

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