Gold, Silver…and Real Estate

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  Buyers, General Real Estate News

Beyond the monetary appeal of currently high prices for gold, silver and other precious metals, I strongly suspect another, very powerful factor may explain the sell-off. Gold is tangible, offering the security of something solid you can hold and touch; by razor-sharp contrast, stocks and bonds seem little more than vague abstractions. Investing in Real Estate provides all the satisfactions...

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Fall Events in Columbia County

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  Columbia County Events

Here in Columbia County the end of summer is marked by the Columbia County Fair, which wrapped up after 6 days of activities and entertainment on Labor Day. With the kids back at school and everyone back to work, it seems that summer is truly over. With the summer wrapped up it is now time to look forward to the...

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The Hudson Valleys’s Growing Allure

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  About Columbia County

At last, the word seems to be getting around, because more and more visitors are being drawn to Columbia county and the entire Hudson Valley.  More and more new full-time residents as well. The reasons for this may be a bit more than first meets the eye.  Certainly the about two hour proximity to the Metropolitan Area makes the ‘country’...

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Events Going On This Weekend

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  Columbia County Events

There are many events going on this weekend and the entire month of August in the County. If your looking to see a show you can go see “The Real   (Desperate) Housewives of Columbia County!” at the lighthouse Marina & Restaurant in Copake NY every Friday in August. It should be a fun show to go and see. On Saturday...

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Interest Rates – The View From Here

by Charles "Chuck" Bartolo  |  General Real Estate News

Our Government finally cut a deal saving us from default, but then Standard & Poors downgraded our credit rating. How might this affect you and me — and the housing market? Some consumer interest rates will likely begin tracking higher.  However The Federal Reserve in a response to the lower rating just guaranteed its interest rates for the next two years,...

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