Interest Rates – The View From Here

Our Government finally cut a deal saving us from default, but then Standard & Poors downgraded our credit rating. How might this affect you and me — and the housing market? Some consumer interest rates will likely begin tracking higher.  However The Federal Reserve in a response to the lower rating just guaranteed its interest rates for the next two years,...

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Money Talks Once Again

  ‘Money talks’ is a very old  expression, and one whose truth is often demonstrated – but only very occasionally in a truly startling fashion. Thumbing my way through a current issue of USA Today, I spotted a Real Estate Report that some 30% of existing home sales in a recent month were all cash transactions, a pattern now seen in markets all...

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Hard Cash Strikes Again

A recent article in USA Today reports that cash buyers are snapping up homes and properties in markets all over America. Somewhat incredibly, perhaps, in a recent month all-cash buyers accounted for some 30% of existing home sales. This trend is showing up more and more – and right here in our own back yard. These are savvy investors who...

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