Now About That Burning Question…

Nowadays we hear this one question more and more – and still more. Are we there yet — has the housing market finally bottomed out? Answering that question fairly means more than just following a Media known for its appetite for negative  news. It means looking past that Media to many positive developments in recent months that have often gone unreported...

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The Clock Tower Yesterday & Today

The history of the village of Chatham has always been a very interesting one. The clock tower at One Main street has often been the landmark feature that has come to be considered by many as the symbol of Chatham. After a fire in 1869 had destroyed a good portion of main street, this unique structure was rebuilt in 1872...

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How Does The Laws Of Agency Work In Real Estate?

New York State law requires all licensed Real Estate Agents & Brokers to advise in writing to all potential buyers, sellers, tenants, & landlords of residential properties, who they will be representing in any subsequent transaction. This requirement is to be done at the first substantive meeting of the parties. Despite all the written material on this subject I find...

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A Magical Moment At Chatham’s Train

In 1841 Chatham became a major pivot point for Railroad traffic throughout the Region. With the completion of the present station in 1887 — appropriately dubbed the ‘Union Station’– Its importance would grow for a century and more. Along the way, It also revealed the beauty and fertility of our Land, a glowing reputation the Hudson Valley enjoys to this...

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The Astounding Importance Of Good Credit

There was a time – not all that long ago – when a personal relationship and a handshake would pretty much guarantee gaining ‘credit’. From about 1960 on, though, the need to gather, appraise and quantify information about personal credit use (and misuse) grew like topsy — and the one tool making this analysis possible…was the Computer. Today, one’s ‘price...

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