Where Are We Heading

Real Estate like everything else in life, is not very predictable, the only real tool agents have to help determine what the market is doing  are looking at the trends & recent sales transactions. These ideas can give us an educated guess as to the direction the market may take. Here in Columbia County, the stats are improving, with more...

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The Birth of The Chatham Village

In 1811, William Thomas and his bride were given a wedding gift of 97 acres, on which he built a tavern, next to the only Chatham village home. Today the tavern still stands just beyond the circle. His plan was to be able to service the stagecoach passengers, at the busy intersection in front of his building. William also built...

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Real Estate Versus The Stock Market

Lately it seems to me that Real Estate is a much safer and therefore a more attractive investment than the Stock Market. Many people may not agree. However, I have my reasons for believing otherwise. First, most experts now agree that the market has hit the bottom, and in many markets it is now rebounding. That certainly appears to be...

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Yesterday & Today

Right here in Chatham we are lucky to have Columbia County’s oldest & largest active theatre. The Crandell opened Christmas day in 1926, and shortly after it opened in 1927, the first talking film opened. Since then it has been in continuous operation for over 83 years, for much of that time run by the Quirino family until Tony Quirino’s...

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Smart Choice

Is now a good time to invest in real estate? Truthfully it depends. There are segments of the market where investing is very promising, and others that are not as strong. In this market rentals are booming, especially seasonal rentals. So it makes sense to buy a property that you can both enjoy as well as rent seasonally. With so...

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