Now It’s The Sellers Turn

It had to happen, all markets operate in cycles ours is no different. The housing stats are showing very positive signs at this time for our local residential market. The first five months 250 residential properties sold, that’s over a 14% increase in closed transactions compared to the same period last year. There’s more, the median price has gone up again...

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Beware Of Online Mortgage Brokers

Lately, all too often I’m hearing from upset buyers about their experiences with online mortgage brokers. It’s quite easy to be drawn into the lure of low interest rates. Once you get started and are well into the process you are often told you are not eligible for those low rates. Since you have already spent so much time, you continue the...

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Social Media & Real Estate

Facebook was originally a means to stay in touch with family and friends, and now has evolved into a very effective means to advertise and market Real Estate. What makes this type of marketing most effective is the ability to get your message directly in front of your target audience. We can now create a custom audience by using demographics...

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Homebuyers Guide to Buying In Today’s Market

With existing inventories continuing to drop, buyers are discovering that they may not be able to buy the home of their dreams within their personal budgets. With the exception of affluent buyers, and some second homebuyers, most people in the market for a home are running into this problem. When your wish list is too long, it is nearly impossible...

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Ready For Your Second Home?

Often after folks have owned their first home for some time and have  become successful in their careers, the thought of a country home comes to mind. Are you and your family ready for this big change? Many times I have found that not enough homework has been done to better prepare vacation homebuyers for this big step. So here are my top...

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