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Be In Control When Buying Real Estate

ar135232223938484-2-480x480 What is a Buyer’s Agent? They are a Licensed Real Estate professional who represents the interest of the buyer throughout the entire transaction.

Often, what actually happens is that a buyer will contact a listing agent when they see a particular property listed for sale, and make arrangements to see it. The seller, however will be represented by this agent and therefore be working in the best interest of their client the seller and not you the potential buyer.

The buying of Real Estate is all to often complex and may be one of the important decisions we will make in our lives. Most likely we would never think of buying any Real Estate without the aid of an attorney to protect out interest. Well, the same holds true for a Real Estate agent, you should always have your own Real Estate professional at your side before venturing out to look at any properties.

How will your agent be paid for their services? Typically the seller will offer compensation to both a selling agent & a buyer’s agent, your agent will know this up front, because the commissions offered are stated on the listing sheet.

Don’t be like most buyers, and start shopping for Real Estate online. Start your search for your agent by asking friends and family. Professional Real Estate Agents depend on their reputations to build their practices. Next go online to review the profiles and experiences and websites of agents you may want to interview. It’s okay to ask for referrals of recent buyers who have bought homes in the area using this person. Chemistry counts as well, how comfortable and at ease are you with this person. Make your choice and buying Real Estate has suddenly become a lot easier. 

Top 6 Reasons why you should have a Buyer’s Agent

Put simply, a buyer’s agent is a real estate agent who works for you, the buyer, in a transaction. In this capacity, your buyer’s agent can:

  • images-2Set up a meeting to determine your specific needs and wants. Conduct an ongoing and extensive search of available properties that would address your needs drawing from in-house listings, multiple listing services and for sale by owners. He or she may even contact homeowners whose homes are not currently on the market.
  • Inform you about attractive properties so you might drive by. Schedule appointments for you and accompany you on visits to properties you wish to see.
  • Provide professional comparative analysis and tax records and data on recent comparable sales. Help you analyze and understand all information gathered in order to make a realistic offer. Provide professional negotiation skills on your behalf.
  • Help select local mortgage brokers, banks and attorneys. Identify various inspections and services that may be necessary and recommend the appropriate qualified professionals.
  • Arrange appointments to provide easy access to the property for various inspectors, appraisers, and others who may need to see it.
  • Monitor the transaction process to assure that necessary documentation is completed and available for the closing. Arrange a final walk-through and accompany you to the closing.

Although your buyer’s agent works exclusively for you, his compensation can be paid in a number of ways, most commonly through a commission paid by the seller. For more information please contact us.

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