About Beach & Bartolo Realtors

Principal Broker – Charles “Chuck” Bartolo

Beach & Bartolo Realtors - Founder George Beach
George Beach

The Roots of Beach & Bartolo Realtors: A Legacy of Real Estate Excellence

Beach & Bartolo Realtors was founded by George Beach in 1961, as ‘George Beach Realty’.  George’s family moved to Spencertown in 1920, when his father purchased a 725-acre dairy farm. George eventually took over the farm, with its 185 head of cattle, and ran it for 25 years. Shortly after selling the farm. George opened his real estate office, becoming one of only 3 or 4 brokers in the area at the time.

Charles “Chuck” Bartolo purchased his first Columbia County home in 1985. After relocating from New York City, he joined forces with George Beach towards the end of the 1980s. “I sought a partner who valued honesty and integrity,” Chuck reflects, “and the unanimous advice was to consult George Beach.” Subsequently, in 1993, George and Chuck co-founded Beach & Bartolo Realtors. To this day, with Chuck at the helm as Principal Broker, the firm persistently honors George’s legacy of delivering honest and integral service to its clients and customers.

Beach & Bartolo Realtors - George Beach & Charles Bartolo
George Beach and Charles Bartolo

Uniting Technology & Tradition in Real Estate

Our agents are animated by the same timeless values that the agency was founded on; Simple honesty, and a love of the area that we serve, combined with the profound satisfactions of home ownership, and an eagerness to share what we all here consider a very, very special place. Many of our agents have earned the coveted Title of Associate Broker, evidencing their extensive successful experience and depth of continuing formal education in Real Estate.

Beach & Bartolo is a sophisticated marketing organization that boasts a robust online presence. Furthermore, we maintain active social media programs, and our website serves as a gateway, providing all visitors with the chance to not merely search our listings, but also to explore all listings on the Columbia Greene Northern Dutchess Multiple Listing Service. In addition, the listing information offers comprehensive details of each property, meeting exactly what our customers have requested.

Beach & Bartolo Realtors moved to 25 Hudson Ave In January 2024

Exceptional marketing credentials, highly advanced technology, and extraordinary online capabilities, coupled with endless affiliations, are the foundational pillars that make Beach & Bartolo Realtors the confident, ‘major force’ in Columbia County Real Estate that it is. Consequently, due to our unwavering commitment and seamless integration of these elements, we have consistently earned the prestigious award of the Best Real Estate Company in Columbia County by the Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, this recognition has been ours every year running since 2016, further solidifying our standing as industry leaders in the region.

Your Chatham Neighbor

Laid-back, friendly and a proud member of the Chatham Community, we’re always ‘up’ for drop-ins…and our central location at 25 Hudson Ave in Chatham Village is hardly an accident. It is at the very heart of what is often considered to be one of the most attractive and interesting villages in the area. Notable for its restaurants, specialty shops, its historic theater, and seasonal festivals.

So, whether buying, selling, renting – or seeking advice – do pay us, and Chatham, a visit!