So often, buying, selling, or even renting Real Estate involves some of the biggest and most important decisions we ever have to make in our lives. For many buyers, sellers, and tenants, it can also become some of our most stressful moments. Is there anything we can do to minimize these conditions and concerns? After over thirty six years in this business, I have concluded that there are. It starts like many other tasks we have to take on, plan ahead. Start by writing a set of realistic objectives and expectations. If you are a couple, it’s imperative that each of you have input. Both people being on the same page has proven to be essential later on in the process. Where there are differences, work on a compromise in advance. If you’re a buyer, get your finances in order before even considering to look for a house. Choose a professional experienced mortgage broker as part of your team. Stay away from the attraction of lower rates offered by online loan companies. You will need to communicate with a professional throughout the loan process. Don’t just contact Real Estate Agents at random, whether you are buying or selling, or seeking to rent, do some research, ask for referrals and interview potential agents. You need to hire a professional to lead your team to a successful conclusion. The same standard applies to Real Estate Attorneys, don’t just hire the least expensive one. Surround yourself with a team of the best people and your stress level will be dramatically reduced. Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Holiday season!