Big Brand Doesn’t Mean Better

It’s often a good idea for anyone considering listing their home or property to interview a few agents. Lately, prospective sellers have been drawn to include big National brand names in this process, thinking that would be a better choice. However it’s important to note, that when it comes to choosing a Real Estate Agency, the individual agent that you select matters far more than a brand’s national coverage.

You, as the potential client, need to trust the agent regardless of the agency that they work for. Personal relationships matter far more than the brand of the agency.

Often agents from these large brand name agencies come from outside your community, and as such are not nearly as familiar with the area as are local agents who live and work nearby. When showing properties to buyers, agents are often asked for local recommendations and resources, so having personal knowledge of the area is a great asset.

Many clients have found that these larger brand name agencies tend not to have the flexibility that a smaller agency will often have. This means the smaller independent agencies are more apt to customize their services to meet your special needs and circumstances. It’s important to remember in any client relationship, that the person you will be dealing with throughout the process is one of the most important considerations you have.

Choose wisely!