Why Zillow Should Not Be Your First Option

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Often Real estate agents get calls from potential buyers indicating they saw a property listed on Zillow and would like to view it. In some cases, they contact the listing agent. They may not be aware that the agent is working on behalf of the seller. Another issue is that the information on Zillow is prepared and updated by agents, and may in fact not be up to date. Even Zestimates, which are provided as to the market value are not aways accurate due to the fact that they are based on data provided by the local municipalities, and again not based on actual visual visits. It may be easier to use Zillow, however it could be costly. A far better approach is to connect with a professional agent in the area of your interest and have them work for you as your agent and advocate. They know the area and properties, and have direct knowledge of the neighborhoods and condition of the homes, and most importantly if it is fairly priced. This is too big an investment not to have a personal touch, and a knowledgeable agent on your team.