Smart Move

Home owners who are considering putting their homes on the market often ask me what suggestions I may have for them prior to listing their homes. Except in rare cases of newer homes, I always recommend a pre-listing home inspection. The reason is simple, too often I have witnessed sales fall through after an buyer does a home inspection. The reason being that they may have uncovered a condition they were not aware of doing their initial visits to the property. Often even the homeowners are surprised. Why gamble on losing a potential buyer. A pre-inspection can alert the seller of a problem, whereby it can be addressed prior to the home going on the market, often for a lot less money than a potential buyer will be asking for. If you uncover a problem and address it, your agent can include that upgrade in their marketing remarks and that could sometimes result in you even getting a better price. Sometimes a home inspector will offer a less costly pre-inspection charge. Get some suggestions and advise from your local Real Estate professional, they know the inspectors and can make sound recommendations. Think of this a small investment that can many times pay big dividends.