A Seller’s Market

With residential inventories at historically low levels, sellers are in a unique position of not only getting their full asking price, but many times, getting over asking. When demand exceeds the supply buyers are forced to be in competition with each other. One smart strategy being used by sellers is to list the home a little below its true market value. How long will these conditions continue, no one can say for sure. Savvy sellers are hiring experienced real estate agents with proven track records in the area of the their home or property. An agent needs to know the market values of not only the homes that have sold, but also of those you will be competing with. This is essential
in order to design a marketing strategy that will lead to a quick sale. A seller’s market does not mean you can list a house that is not in good condition and in need of lots of work or attention and still expect to get a premium price for it. There may be more buyers than in a typical market, however these buyers are not going to buy a bad product or overpay for it. Seasoned agents are your best resource to get sound advice before jumping into the market.
Good luck!