Mistakes Buyers Often Make

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, Americans are moving and making lifestyle changes in unprecedented numbers. Many are getting caught up in the rush and therefore making drastic & emotional changes to their lives. Buying a home while moving to an entirely new community should start with some very important pre-planning. A prime example is buyers often rely on the tax information given on the listing document. Those reported taxes are based on the homes current assessment. Buyers in many cases today are willing to pay far above the asking price, and often far above the assessment. There will be a very strong likelihood that in the not too distant future that the assessment will be adjusted, thereby increasing substantially both the county, town and school taxes. Another example we have seen is many buyers moving to a rural community from a big city & not budgeting for expenses they hadn’t thought about before. The cost of snow removal is a reality, as is lawn care, & even not having a generator can be a costly expense when your are suddenly without power. For the most part, internet access is not an issue in most large cities, not always the case in the country. Another big surprise I have often heard from city dwellers moving into our area is, “Why can’t I get someone to respond to my calls for work I need done?” Unlike metro areas, where there are so many choices of vendors, here your ability to get a quick response are truly limited. Don’t let emotions dictate your actions. Planning in advance and seeking the advice of experienced local & professional Realtor can be a resource that could save you thousand of dollars and reduce the stress of your move.
Plan ahead, and good luck!