Great News For Columbia County

If you haven’t been reading the papers lately, you may have missed some very exciting and important news about our area.
A recent NY Times article stated that out of 926 metro areas, Hudson was Number 1, with the largest net migration. NYC residents have discovered Columbia County, and many now call it home. The pandemic allowed people to discover that not only could they successfully work from home, they could also enjoy a totally different, more relaxed lifestyle, with the added benefit of the great outdoors. Another boost to our community is a recent article that appeared on that indicated that Hudson ranked 5th of places people were purchasing second homes. This year alone, Hudson has seen an 18.7 increase in the purchase of second homes. Part of the attraction to our area is the availability of Amtrak, and it’s easy access to NYC thus giving New Yorkers an easy means to stay connected to the city. As more & more people discover what we already knew, we can expect Columbia County to continue to grow and prosper.