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Renting an apartment close to your work makes a lot of sense. But, what happens when you out grow that space? One option is to buy a bigger space rather then continuing to rent.Then a reality check comes to attack your thinking, to buy a bigger space is very costly, especially if you want to stay close to your job. How much added space will you be getting for the big investment you are about to make? There is another option. Why not invest and buy a home away from your place of business? There are so many advantages to this choice. First, you now will have a place to call home, a gathering place for your family and friends where you can truly spread out. It’s no longer about how many square feet your apartment is, but how many acres you own. Wow, what a new feeling of well being! When your week’s work is done, it becomes your great escape. When the stress of everyday living gets you down, you’ll look forward to getting away to your home. It may be large enough that you even have a dining room to celebrate the holidays. Another recently added bonus is being able to add your home to Airbnb to be used as a rental when and if you choose not to use it. Finally, you’ll be amazed at how much you will be able to afford as compared to buying in or near a big city. It’s always a smart idea to examine all your options before making such a big decision.