After Your Search

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Today, more then ever before, smart home buyers start their search on the internet. This makes a lot of sense. It not only saves you time, but also you can actually be shopping online. Most search engines provide complete listing data, including the address, taxes, assessments, lots of photos, and in some cases even videos and drone ariel images. Once you have identified some potential properties you would like to see, the next step is equally important. Often even savvy consumers don’t realize that some agents are paying for leads on sites like Trulia and Zillow, and may not actually be the listing agent of the property you are interested in. At this point in your search you need to find your own Real Estate agent. This agent should be experienced in the area you are interested in. It’s a good idea to, at a minimum, have a telephone interview, making certain you are comfortable with that agent. Ask questions like how many years in the business, their knowledge of the neighborhood, market conditions, their familiarity with the properties you have interest in. What comparables have sold in the area. Once you have selected an agent to work on your behalf, they will be able to preview new properties as they come on the market. There is no better way to buy your home than having an experienced agent looking out for your best interest. 

-Charles “Chuck” Bartolo