Ready For Your Second Home?

Often after folks have owned their first home for some time and have  become successful in their careers, the thought of a country home comes to mind. Are you and your family ready for this big change? Many times I have found that not enough homework has been done to better prepare vacation homebuyers for this big step. So here are my top suggestions before you make the plunge.
1. How much can you afford, without sacrifice to your current lifestyle, speak to your accountant or a qualified mortgage broker before you start the process. Get pre-approved in a price range you are comfortable with.

2. Decide in advance how much time will you spending at the house, what attractions will you want close by, how far are you willing to travel to get there. Visit friends in the area first, spend some time getting to know the area.

3.  Old houses may be full of charm, and character, however they will often require lots of maintenance, if your not equipped to do it.Then factor in the cost, a newer home may be a better choice.
4.   Hire a local professional Realtor in the area of your search who will work on your behalf, and guide you through the whole process as well as present and negotiate any offers you make.
5.   Finally, Hire a Licensed home inspector, and be certain to be present during that inspection.
Finally, relax and enjoy the benefits of owning your second home.
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