What Sellers Need To Know

The Real Estate industry continues to change rapidly due to the advances in technology. Long gone are the days when Real Estate agencies would simply run newspaper and magazine ads to present their client’s homes. Today over 90% of all potential buyers start their search on the internet. Within this group 66% of these buyers are Millennials born between 1980 and 1998. In addition, nearly 60% of them use a mobile device to search, such as a smart phone or tablet. When asked, 89% indicated that the photos were more important than the copy describing the property. If you’re currently on the market now, how well is your home presented? A decision to visit a property is often made simply based on the quality of photos. Millennials are also the largest users of social media, like Facebook, so make certain your property has a strong presence. As a current homeowner on the market or one who is considering going on the market, remember you need to reach your potential buyers where they are, and how they respond to today’s technology.