The Clock Tower Yesterday & Today

The history of the village of Chatham has always been a very interesting one. The clock tower at One Main street has often been the landmark feature that has come to be considered by many as the symbol of Chatham.

After a fire in 1869 had destroyed a good portion of main street, this unique structure was rebuilt in 1872 by William Woodbridge. At one time, Woodbridge sold the building to the village for $5000, where it served as the town hall, the police court, & also the home of the Chatham fire company.

That was then, today it still stands as the village of Chatham’s center piece, standing proudly at the start of main street. It last sold in August of 2010, for $230,000, that’s quite an impressive increase in value since those earlier days.

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Our thanks for input & Photo from the Chatham Historical Society. Call (518)392-9236.

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