A Magical Moment At Chatham’s Train

In 1841 Chatham became a major pivot point for Railroad traffic throughout the Region. With the completion of the present station in 1887 — appropriately dubbed the ‘Union Station’– Its importance would grow for a century and more.

Along the way, It also revealed the beauty and fertility of our Land, a glowing reputation the Hudson Valley enjoys to this very day.

It did seemed magical when, in1909, the first  ‘milk train’ left Union Station…hauling some 20 tanker cars of unsurpassed ‘fresh local milk’ to serve the needs of New York City. A remarkable tribute to our farmers and Land alike, it became a daily event for decades to come.

Today, a secure and private lifestyle occupies the County. Ancient farmsteads share space with dramatic Contemporary homes. Small organic farms are springing up, on acreage still beautiful, still unspoiled. – yet as always surprisingly affordable. Whether viewed as building sites or already carrying a fine home, our Land – Columbia County – has a very special ‘spin’.

Review our web site. Consider the prices, the sheer value…and you may well want to create a ‘magical moment’ of your own.

Our thanks for input & Photo from the Chatham Historical Society. Call (518)392-9236.

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