Elephants On Main Street!

Chatham had been identified as a “Central Regional Location” by the Railroads in the 1830s, but it was1869 – its year of incorporation as Chatham Village – that a dumbstruck crowd actually beheld a mob of elephants right here on Main Street.

A Circus Train had arrived, and stopped…confronted by the intricate wooden trestle* then leading into the Village. Taking exception to this seemingly rickety structure, the elephants’ violent reaction threatened to collapse the trestle altogether! With that, each was off-loaded and led into the Village, re-boarding once the trestle had been cleared…and roll off into history.

Our ‘central’ location has been a growing lure ever since, the County today offering quick, easy access to the Capitol Region, New York and Boston – plus all the joys of secure country living.  Always affordable, homes here remain remarkably so. Like to take a tour? No need for a Circus Train – just a computer tapped into beachandbartolo.com.

Our thanks for input & Photo from the Chatham Historical Society. Call (518)392-9236.

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