Hudson: Now More Happening than you think

Perhaps it all started when the Club Helsinki opened its doors, giving once-sleepy Hudson the beginnings of a vital new dimension.

For many years this small city was notable mostly as a major Antiques center. In recent years increasingly fine – even City class – restaurants began popping up, as have a handful of art galleries.  And now comes…the ‘Sound of Music’, and a kind of rhythm simply not heard here before.

Today, famous Rock band members most often seen in such as the Big Apple, Las Vegas or L.A. are now showing up in the ever-more-happening city of Hudson.  Just one example that comes to mind is Tommy Stinson, a member of the iconic Guns & Roses band, who now calls Hudson home for he and his family.

Always a small city but equally one with an amazingly diverse history, Hudson is now in the process of staking a powerful artistic claim to the 21st Century. Come take a long look.  Go antiquing…have some dinner…catch some music…and you might well wonder if, just maybe, Hudson is now a place where you can imagine putting down your stakes.

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