And Now For A Little Optimism

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In this view, a rekindled optimism about Real Estate is due and overdue. With the Press taking an overall ‘National’ view, it drones on and on about foreclosures and falling prices — simply ignoring the fact that conditions vary widely from market to market.  This ‘broad brush’ smear encourages uncertainty and a profound caution about buying, though this makes sense in many areas, it doesn’t here in Columbia County.

With interest rates still at historic lows, the stage is beautifully set for highly profitable long term investments for first time and second home buyers equally. Other positive recent signs include our Commerce Department reporting new home sales up 5.7% in September, the first such upward swing in months, and current homeowners now benefiting from the Administration-sponsored relaxation of refinancing rules.

All in all, If you set aside your fears for just a moment…you’ll realize that huge buying opportunities are right in front of you, right here – and right now.

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