The Hudson Valleys’s Growing Allure

At last, the word seems to be getting around, because more and more visitors are being drawn to Columbia county and the entire Hudson Valley.  More and more new full-time residents as well.
The reasons for this may be a bit more than first meets the eye.  Certainly the about two hour proximity to the Metropolitan Area makes the ‘country’ surprisingly close.  Also, the surprisingly attractive prices here – and sheer value – of homes and sometimes large properties is immensely appealing.  What would be a million dollar + situation in Westchester County, on perhaps just a fraction of an acre, might cost half that amount here, and easily include ten or more acres.
I suspect, though, that another factor may be at work – the ever-increasingly demand for fresh produce and Organic Foods.
We continue to see small farms springing up, these serving up all manner of vegetables and cheeses to growing numbers of coop food outlets.  With only some 63,000 residents throughout the County, there’s surely a ton of room for more vegetables – and more nature-oriented people as well.
Why not give this not-so-radical idea some thought, as many already have. A whole new and simply wonderful lifestyle is truly right under your nose.

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