Money Talks Once Again

  ‘Money talks’ is a very old  expression, and one whose truth is often demonstrated – but only very occasionally in a truly startling fashion.

Thumbing my way through a current issue of USA Today, I spotted a Real Estate Report that some 30% of existing home sales in a recent month were all cash transactions, a pattern now seen in markets all across America.  Certainly a shocker, it in fact has a simple explanation: savvy investors taking advantage of today’s major Real estate opportunities.

This trend is showing up right here in Columbia County as well – fueled by super attractive prices and still low mortgage rates, neither likely to stay that way much longer.  For some, the Buying Opportunity is here, and now.  Don’t miss it.

And with the beautiful weather we have been having here in Columbia County, it is a perfect time to come and check out the area.  Visit our  About Columbia County page to find out more about the area.

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