Ready For Your Second Home?

Often after folks have owned their first home for some time and have  become successful in their careers, the thought of a country home comes to mind. Are you and your family ready for this big change? Many times I have found that not enough homework has been done to better prepare vacation homebuyers for this big step. So here are my top...

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Why Hasn’t My House Sold Yet?

A question I’m often asked. First thing to know is the state of your local market. You can get that education online, what have other similar homes sold for in your neighborhood recently. Don’t let your emotions get in the way, also get the advice of a local Real Estate expert, they do this every day and already know the...

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Tax Reform & Real Estate

The proposed tax reform bill is supposed to help the overall economy, however its impact on Real Estate may do just the opposite. Home ownership has always been the fundamental foundation for a strong economy. Some components of this reform bill will for certain negatively effect the housing market. In particular, a reduction in being able to claim more than...

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How Will Tax Reform Effect The Real Estate Market

No one can know what the final proposal will look like. However, for those of us in The Real Estate Business, we are somewhat concerned. First is the prospect that the deduction of New York State taxes and property taxes may be eliminated for those tax payers who itemize, this can result in a major disadvantage to homeowners who just...

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What Sellers Need To Know

The Real Estate industry continues to change rapidly due to the advances in technology. Long gone are the days when Real Estate agencies would simply run newspaper and magazine ads to present their client’s homes. Today over 90% of all potential buyers start their search on the internet. Within this group 66% of these buyers are Millennials born between 1980 and...

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