How Will Tax Reform Effect The Real Estate Market

No one can know what the final proposal will look like. However, for those of us in The Real Estate Business, we are somewhat concerned. First is the prospect that the deduction of New York State taxes and property taxes may be eliminated for those tax payers who itemize, this can result in a major disadvantage to homeowners who just...

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What Sellers Need To Know

The Real Estate industry continues to change rapidly due to the advances in technology. Long gone are the days when Real Estate agencies would simply run newspaper and magazine ads to present their client’s homes. Today over 90% of all potential buyers start their search on the internet. Within this group 66% of these buyers are Millennials born between 1980 and...

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The Challenge Of Buying Your First Home

One of the most difficult challenges for any first time homebuyer is where to begin. That generally starts with desire, most of us long for the day when we can call the place we live,  “home”. It is not an easy task. However, it should start with a plan. Step one is to figure out if you can qualify for a...

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Buying & Selling Real Estate Has Become Much Easier

Thanks to technology, if you are buying or selling Real Estate, the whole process has become a lot easier. The internet provides information that at one time was only available to Real Estate agents, now it’s there for the consumers. Sites like Trulia, Zillow & as well as many Realtor’s websites, allow buyers and sellers to search for all the available properties...

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Beach & Bartolo Voted “Best Realtor” In Columbia County 2017

Every year the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, along with the Chatham Courier and Register Star invite people to vote for their favorite Columbia County businesses. As a result, Beach & Bartolo Realtors was selected as the “Best Realtor” in Columbia County for 2017. We are excited to have won this award the last two years. We are extremely proud...

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