Buying & Selling Real Estate Has Become Much Easier

Thanks to technology, if you are buying or selling Real Estate, the whole process has become a lot easier. The internet provides information that at one time was only available to Real Estate agents, now it’s there for the consumers. Sites like Trulia, Zillow & as well as many Realtor’s websites, allow buyers and sellers to search for all the available properties...

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Beach & Bartolo Voted “Best Realtor” In Columbia County 2017

Every year the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, along with the Chatham Courier and Register Star invite people to vote for their favorite Columbia County businesses. As a result, Beach & Bartolo Realtors was selected as the “Best Realtor” in Columbia County for 2017. We are excited to have won this award the last two years. We are extremely proud...

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We’re In A Seller’s Market

It all began as the inventories of existing homes nationwide started to shrink. Sellers all across the country are now staying in a home longer than they did in past years. In the past on average folks stayed in their homes for seven years, nowadays it has stretched to ten years. With more buyers coming into the market due to...

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Times Are Changing

The Real Estate Industry like all others, is changing very rapidly, primarily due to technology. Consumers now have greater tools to do much of their shopping online. This can be both good and bad. Good, if you want to see a lot of properties without having to leave the comfort of your home. Bad, if you are going to rely on...

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Housing Inventory Dropping

All across America the inventory of existing homes for sale has been experiencing a dramatic drop. Here, in Columbia County for example, the existing number of active homes for sale as of May 1st is at 566. One year ago that number was 720. What impact is this having on our local market? To start with the simple law of supply and...

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