Times Are Changing

The Real Estate Industry like all others, is changing very rapidly, primarily due to technology. Consumers now have greater tools to do much of their shopping online. This can be both good and bad. Good, if you want to see a lot of properties without having to leave the comfort of your home. Bad, if you are going to rely on...

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Housing Inventory Dropping

All across America the inventory of existing homes for sale has been experiencing a dramatic drop. Here, in Columbia County for example, the existing number of active homes for sale as of May 1st is at 566. One year ago that number was 720. What impact is this having on our local market? To start with the simple law of supply and...

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Changes That May Help

A recent change of credit reporting practices may be a major help to many first-time homebuyers. Effective July 1st of 2017, the three largest credit reporting companies; Equifax, Experian & Transunion, will no longer be collecting and reporting substantial amounts of information on civil judgments, and tax lien data. By not reporting this type of information many consumers, who in the past...

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The Housing Market, Where Do We Go From Here

There are a lot of questions and concerns about a new administration, and what impact it may have on the overall housing market. This is creating all sorts of responses, and theories. No one knows for certain, but we can look at a number of different early signs to see if we can detect where things may be headed. For...

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What Can We Expect

Well, here we are at the start of a new Administration and perhaps a new way of doing things. No one can predict what the Real Estate industry can expect in the coming year. One thing that concerned me right from the first few days, was that the president had signed an executive order that removed a decision that was...

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